Queen Bee Challenge

I thought I'd take a stab at the Queen Bee challenge - except with no actual game play, just a lot of babies! I like seeing what pops out when you mash sims together, and I wanted to get some practice with photo shoots and editing. Pictures and downloads after the cut!

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The Kershets 1.2

Aaaand we're back with another installment of the Kershets. I'm not letting myself play any farther until I get at least two more updates done! And Dragon Age is also taking up some gaming time. I have a lot on my e-plate! Is it just me or do the characters in that game look a lot like sims from the Sims 3? Anyway, on with the update!
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The Kershets 1.1

Hi kids, [info]sims_gone here with a new project. I feel like the ghost of the community, lurking and admiring a lot of people's legacies and challenges without commenting or doing much myself. I have a tendency to wander off for a few months and then charge back in, all "Hey guys what's this ISBI thing I keep hearing so much about??" So, here's me, jumping on the Rainbow/ISBI/Pixel_Trade bandwagon train just as it's leaving the station. I haven't tried doing a commentary style here before (there is an old legacy of mine on the exchange from like 2006) and it seems like just what I want after so much time spent trying to cram my pictures into a story format.

So! No story! Only pictures and madcap commentary! No further adieu!

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